projects - mobile milling unit

mobile milling unit PRO-MFE4700 for plainmilling flanges

When welding tubes with flange assemblies distortion of the flange often occurs. This leads to considerable difficulties later, in the assembly as well as far as the durability and persistence of the pipe segment are concerned. The huge length of the single segments makes it impossible to correct the flange on the machines themselves. Therefore we have developed a machine which is chucked into the components. The mobile milling unit PRO-MFE4700 of PROKON:CE Electrical Engineering GmbH planely mills flanges of large diameters and thus makes possible a smooth and easy assembly. Special ranges of application of our mobile milling unit include the conditioning of flanges for the towers of wind power plants. Herefore we offer mobile milling units for the conditioning of onshore- (up to  Ø 4700 mm) and of offshore-plants (up to Ø 6500 mm).