projects - profile processing machine

overhauling and upgrading of turning machines for machining of grinding wheels manufacturer AMNI

overhaul consisting of:
  • modification of support guideways to linear guides and screw ball spindle, performed with sealing air and central lubrification
  • new driving motors for cross slide and main spindlel
  • modification of storing main spindle
  • mounting of a hydraulic clamping system full enclosed
  • complet new electrical equipment with SIEMENS PLC/CNC and man-machine interface
  • programming of a rendering - user optimized
  • remodeling of protection cover with automatical opening and closing, monitoring and locking function
  • overhauling of all machine parts

development, construction and building of machining centers for machining of grinding wheels

machining center PRO-FBP RH750-300 AS-GH
  • processing of grinding wheels with outside diameter 320 mm up to 755 mm
  • machining of external diameter, internal diameter and surface
  • power main spindle 17 kW
  • power tool spindle 11,5 kW
  • outside and inside clamping of workpiece with chuck or additional clamping mandrel
  • user optimized man-machine-interface
  • HSK80 clamping system for rotating tools
  • assembly of workpiece manually with roller table and grinding wheel turning
machining center PRO-RHA 500x150 PKD
  • processing of grinding wheels with outside diameter up to 450 mm and max. width of workpiece of 250 mm
  • machining of external diameter
  • processing of worm grinding wheels
  • production of tooth flank grinding wheels
  • power of main spindle 13,2 kW
  • power of tool spindle 2,2 kW
  • machining with PCD discs and rotating diamond tool
  • four tools on board
machining center PRO-UMF 400x1000
  • processing of grinding wheel packages for the production of drive shafts
  • machining of external diameter
  • production of separate grinding wheels or packages of grinding wheels
  • clamping of the grinding wheels between three-jaw chuck and mandrel
  • power of main spindle 17 kW
  • power of tool spindle 2,2 kW
  • machining possible with rotating tools and PCD discs
machining center PRO-UMF-BAZ 2x420x280
  • dimensions of workpiece up to diameter
    420 mm and width 280 mm
  • complete machining of vitrified bonded grinding wheels
  • machining center with two working areas for simultaneous machining and handling
  • power of main spindle 2x25 kW
  • both main spindles with torque direct drive motor without gearing
  • power of tool spindle 3 kW
  • selection of four tools - tools on head-type turret
  • processing with rotating tool or PCD discs
  • Machining tolerances of hole H7
  • clamping of workpieces with inner or outer chuck at both working areas

modification and upgrading of a rotary table surface grinder manufacturer Kehren type RS8C-CNC

  • machining plane surfaces of grinding wheels - dry grinding
  • minimal diameter of workpiece 258 mm
  • maximum diameter of workpiece 770 mm
  • power of rotary table 4 kW
  • power of tool spindle 30 kW
  • automatic measuring and compensation of the tool
  • tolerance of infeed axis 0,02 mm
  • manually clamping of the grinding wheels with three-jaw chuck

reconstruction and upgrading of a vertical drilling machine manufacturer AMNI

  • machining of vitrified bonded grinding wheels
  • rotation diamond tool, variable speed adjustment
  • processing of work piece in the hole, flat sureface and the circumferential surface
  • maximum diameter of work piece d=400x250mm
  • varible speed adjstment of tool for constant cutting speed
  • mechanical compensation of the taper of the hole machining
  • complete new safty housing with locking and connection for dust extraction
  • movement of linear axis with AC-Servo motors manufacturer Siemens
  • axis positioning with EnDat absolute encoders
  • Siemens PLC S7-300 with Touch-Panel and SINAMICS positioning control

overhauling of turning machine DB750 manufacturer AMNI

  • machining of vitrified bonded grinding wheels
  • machining with PCD discs
  • processing of work piece in the hole and the circumferential surface
  • maximum diameter of work piece d=750
  • varible speed control of main spindle
  • overhauling of cross slide with new guides and ball bearing spindle
  • installation of new hand wheels with digital display for manual movement of support
  • installation of new manual chuck
  • new Siemens AC-Servo for main spindle
  • conventionally handling and speed adjustment of main spindle
    mit Siemens SINAMICS-Antrieb
  • safety monitoring of cover and work area

Modernisierung vertikale Schleifscheiben-Abdrehmaschine VSCH600 von AMNI

  • Bearbeitung von keramisch gebundenen Schleifscheiben
  • Bearbeitung mit drehendem Werkzeug, variable Drehzahleinstellung
  • Werkstückbearbeitung an der Umfläche
  • Werkstückabmessungen von d=120mm bis d=615mm
  • varible Drehzahleinstellung der Werkstückspindel für optimale Schnittgeschwindikeiten
  • Entfall der hydr. Vorschubantriebe von X-, Z-Achse und Drehtisch
  • Installation von Siemens Drehstrom-Servo-Motoren
  • Achspositionierung mit EnDat-Absolutwertgebern
  • Anbau eines neuen Drehstrom-Getriebe-Motor für Drehtisch
  • Austausch der alten Hydraulikeinheit
  • Installation einer automatischen Zentralschmiereinrichtung
  • Austausch des Hauptmotors der Werkstückspindel gegen Siemens Drehstrom-Servo-Getriebemotor
  • Entfall der Werkstückmesseinrichtung (Messrolle)
  • Montage einer neuen berührungslosen Messeinrichtung
  • neuer Schaltschrank mit Siemens-PLC Steuerung und Siemens SINAMICS Antrieben
  • komplett neue Maschineninstallation
  • neue Sicherheitseinhausung mit überwachter Servicetür
  • Bedienung über Siemens Touch-Panel