projects - special machines

feeding unit for plastic pipes for cutting

  • buffering and separation of plastic pipes with pipe outer diameter from 225 up to
    450 mm
  • lenght of pipes 6000 mm
  • maximum speed of feed unit 12000 mm/min
  • distance of movement X-axis 7400 mm
  • positioning tolerance of X-axis +/-0,5 mm
  • movement of vertical axis approx. 400 mm
  • pneumatic inner tension of the workpieces

machining center PRO-450x150 D-WZ machining center for processing of plastic rings

  • machining of plastic rings with special profile tools
  • clamping system for plastic rings with dimension d=400x150
  • pneumatic clamping of the workpiece in the inside diameter
  • power of the three rotating tools 4 kW
  • rotation speed of the first tool spindel
    6000 U/min
  • rotation speed of the second tool spindel
    9000 U/min
  • speed of the controlled axes 15000 mm/min
  • automatic opening and closing of the protection door

woodworking machine SBLD2 for sawing, drilling, gluing and dowel of wooden slats

  • easy and effective work by short set-up times
  • setting of the 13 axes with the control unit
  • variable adjustment of drilling depth and the dowel position
  • lenght of wooden slats from 210 up to
    2000 mm
  • swivel range of working stations from -10° up to +45°
  • slewing range of working stations from -10° up to +45°
  • hard metal sawing blade Ø 400 mm
  • power of saw spindle 2,2 kW
  • maximum drilling depth 60 mm
  • power of drilling spindle 2,2 kW
  • maximum 3 dowel per side
  • diameter of dowel from 8 up to 10 mm
  • glue pump 20:1

machine TA2000 for fixing plastic clips on wooden slate

  • automatic mounting of wooden slate with plasitc clips
  • fixing of the plastic clips with two clamps
  • magazine for wooden slate lenght adjustabel
  • mounting of wooden slate with lenght 350-2000 mm and standard profile
    22-80 mm is possible
  • programmable variable positions between the clips are possible
  • data management of all parameter on the control unit

machine PRO-30x5/300x80/2M for machining of rectangular log of wood

  • processing of rectangular log of wood
  • buffer conveyor for the supply of unmachined parts
  • automatic loading of the four workpiece places
  • minimum dimensions of workpiece 30x30x3
  • maximum dimensions of workpiece 300x80x80
  • speed of rotation tools adjustable up to 16000 rpm
  • diameter of rotation cutting tools 25 mm

machine for printing process of grinding wheels

  • automatic printing of workpieces
  • machine integrated in line of production
  • the grinding wheels can be pushed directly onto the machine table by roller belt
  • printing of grinding wheels with printhead positioned on arm
  • the arm is adjustable in vertical and horizontal position
  • printing of all necessary grinding wheel datas
  • input of the datas via man-machine-interface under the operating system WINDOWS
  • data transfer is possible of superordinate data management system
  • further transport of grinding wheels is done by another roller belt behind the printing machine

handling system for automatic clamping of steel plates

  • the machine is used for automatically adjustment and clamping of steel plates with dimensions from 700x700 up to
    2000x2000 mm
  • automatic adjustment unit with linear guides, ball bearing screws and step motors
  • complete electrical equipment with SIEMENS PLC and in-/output-panel

test unit for diamand rolls

  • the machine is used to check the contour precision by diamond wheels
  • profiling of a grinding wheel with the test diamond roll
  • test grinding of a workpiece to check the tolerance
  • hydraulic table drive
  • motor of diamond roll is a Siemens AC-servo motor
  • main spindle whith AC motor dimension of grinding wheels d=500x40
  • positioning of Z-axis with AC-servo motor
  • plc control unit