projects - PLC-/CNC controls

PLC-positioning control of a modernized AMNI abrasive wheel drilling machine

SPS-/PLC-controls are a lower priced alternative to CNC-controls, as essential tasks can already be accomplished with it. For popular automation solutions of a machine they are absolutely adequate. Offered are compact controls for the lower to middle range of performance of automation. Dependent on the construction method there are digital or analog in- and outputs available. In case the existent components are insufficient, compact controls can be installed through additional devices. On the image shown we are applying a Siemens SPS CPU314C-2DP for the automation of an altered AMNI abrasive wheel drilling machine. The two feed axes and the two arbors are activated by the integrated Profibus DP cutting point. The positioning of the axes and the regulation of the arbors are carried out with the help of a SINAMICS CU320 Control Unit. Power moduls for axes and arbors  SINAMICS SmartLine Module.

PLC-positioning control for a wood working machine

Replacement of a defective CNC-control of a wood working machine by a SPS-/PLC-control with Siemens CPU314C-2DP and SINAMICS Control Unit CU320. For the motors of X-, Y- and Z-axis, Siemens SINAMICS SmartLine modules have been attached. The programming of the machine is carried out by a factory oriented user interface on a Siemens touch panel TP177B. The operator fills in the X- and Y-coordinates as well as the accordant tool and the drilling depth into the control. The traverse moves of the three axes are realized by traverse kits. The data can be placed somewhere in the internal memory or on external databases. 



CNC-control for a modernized WOTAN Rapid 2 boring machine

In contrast to a PLC-control, machines equipped with a CNC-control can interpolate two or more geometrical axes. The traverse move of all axes is described via NC-programs. Nowadays, the programs mostly are generated by postprocessors via CAD-systems and communicated into the control.

The picture shows the control of a WOTAN Rapid 2 boring machine which has been modernized with a Heidenhain iTNC530. The machine has 5 geometrical axes and a main spindle. The power sections and control components for all axes and spindles are also made by the company Heidenhain, whereas the engines for the axes and the main spindle are made by Siemens.   .

CNC-control for horizontal rotating turning machine STANKO

Here you can see a part of the control cabinet of a machine modernization of a horizontal rotating turning machine STANKO with a SINUMERIK 840Di CNC-control by Siemens. The Siemens SINUMERIK 840Di is a completely PC-integrated numerical control for up to 20 axes built into the operating interface and working together with the drive system 611U. The axis-control assembly is activated by PROFIBUS-DP. As it is worked with two parallel supports, we have used a CNC-control with two canals here.